The Oxford County Drug and Alcohol Strategy is looking for community members with lived experience, those involved in human service roles that engage with community members dealing with drug and alcohol use, and other local individuals who wish to get involved in working to implement strategies in Oxford to manage the effects of drug and alcohol use.

Our strategy is comprised of four “pillars.” These pillars serve as working groups in four core areas that support community implementations to manage the effects of drug and alcohol use in Oxford County. The four core areas covered by the pillars are justice and community safety, prevention, harm reduction, and treatment. In addition to these four pillars, the strategy has a steering committee that oversees the work of the pillars and a community advisory panel comprised of people with lived experience from the community.

What does getting involved with OCCDAS mean? We are looking for individuals who can attend regular meetings on their assigned/chosen pillars and committees to give input on strategies, ideas, and implementations and help develop and deliver resources, events, and other implementations as needed. The work of each pillar and committee differs, and therefore so do the opportunities and requirements. Getting involved with us means that you will have an opportunity to be involved in implementing change opportunities directed at making Oxford County a comfortable and supportive place to live for everyone.

We provide an honorarium for your work on the strategy. We believe that your time is valuable. We want to ensure that you are adequately reimbursed for providing your time and engaging as a strategy member.

For more information or to get involved, please complete the below form. Someone will be in contact with you as soon as able to discuss available opportunities and answer your questions. Thank you for considering involvement in the Oxford County Drug and Alcohol Strategy.

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